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Camin Cargo Control Antwerp

Camin Cargo Control (CCC) Antwerp Project

Project Description

Project Name: Camin Cargo Control Antwerp

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Client: Camin Cargo Control

Year: 2019

Camin Cargo Control Antwerp

Part of Camin Cargo Control’s (CCC) mission is to establish, market and maintain the highest levels of service, quality and customer satisfaction throughout the industry as it continues to grow its presence in Europe, CCC has now setup a new laboratory in Anwerp.

Whether it is Conventional or RFG Gasoline, ULSD or Biodiesel, Jet Fuel or Heavy Fuel Oil, Crude Oil, LPG or LNG, samples will be quickly and accurately tested with the results made available via the latest technologies enabling its clients to make decisions and conduct their business.

M&I-Labtech’s scope consisted in the design of the laboratory arrangement in a collaborative  as well as interactive fashion with end-user, Building, Electrical and HVAC contractors to define, supply, install and commission the laboratory.