M&I Labtech

Company Profile

M&l-Labtech since 1993

M&l-Labtech was established in 1993 as a spin-off from Saybolt Metrology & Instrumentation. We are an ISO
9001-2015 certified company, headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Turnkey Realization

M&l-Labtech is specialized in the turnkey realization of laboratories utilizing its extensive experience in laboratory development and analytical services in more than 100 turnkey laboratory projects executed globally.

Our clients are, among other, international Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) companies, industrial enterprises and governmental and academia organizations.

The company operates worldwide catering to wide range of customers in different market segments and our international operations are assisted by local offices, agents and/or partnerships with local engineering and contracting companies.

Best-in-Class Solutions

M&l-Labtech follows an independent approach in the selection of the optimum solution for each individual client workflow.

By leveraging the best available technology, we bring the laboratory right to the client’s doorstep, delivering accurate and relevant solutions to our customers.

We have an up-to-date database of standard methods (ASTM. UL, ISO, UOP etc.) and supported applications on a wide range of analytical and process techniques across a number of market sectors including oil & gas, food testing, materials testing etc.

Global Procurement Network

M&l-Labtech’s procurement specialists give you access to the optimal equipment and instruments for each individual application and workflow.

Our extended global network of renowned OEMs allow for independent and competitive procurement.

As a global, single-source supplier of laboratory packages, we can handle the purchasing of test equipment, laboratory furniture, work benches, storage cabinets, fume cupboards, start-up chemicals, consumables and ongoing support to maximize your laboratory’s productivity.

State-of-the-Art Engineering & Design

M&l-Labtech offers laboratory design engineering and supply services for new or revamp projects. Our services include conceptual and detailed design engineering of laboratory layout and utilities with specification development and single-source supply of analytical equipment, furniture, consumables, supplies and service contracts

The design engineering and consultancy services offered by us for industrial laboratories is supported by many years of extensive experience in maintaining laboratories.

We have the capabilities and technical know-how to support your project across the world, saving you time, money and organizational challenges.

Education is key to Productivity

M&l-Labtech offers training to the laboratory staff. We also provide design and implementation of sampling procedures, sample preparation, analysis and reporting protocols, as well as assistance to establish Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).